Christmas is one thing, but the most devout Christians will tell you that Easter is the holiest day in the calendar year. It’s odd then, or perhaps typical, that it took horror filmmakers a long time to give Easter the same treatment given to Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Halloween. In recent years, they seem to be making up for that. Though if you notice, the twist on Easter-themed horror is often bunnies and eggs and not the holiday’s religious connotations. EASTER BUNNY BLOODBATH is one of the recent SOV films that fits into this category and it fares better than … Continue reading EASTER BUNNY BLOODBATH (31 Days of Horror)

THE GRUESOME TWOSOME (31 Days of Horror)

THE GRUESOME TWOSOME is a cherished title by some, though it often doesn’t get mentioned in the same reverent tones as Herschell Gordon Lewis’ other gore epics. There might be a good reason for that. Lewis often gained loose inspiration from existing material. For instance, TWO THOUSAND MANIACS contains plot elements of BRIGADOON, both of them involving a ghostly town that appears every number of years. But BRIGADOON took place in Ireland, not the American south. Also, no one got ripped limb from limb in the Rogers and Hammerstein musical, though in retrospect maybe they should have. To wit, GRUESOME … Continue reading THE GRUESOME TWOSOME (31 Days of Horror)