Film Geek Central’s Austin Kennedy Takes You Back to the Films of 1973


“So, I was thinking, would you ever be interested in doing a podcast?” That was my friend, Austin Kennedy, suggesting a project to me several years ago. The show would be called Film Geek Central. It started out on the Blog Talk Radio network and went for almost two years before life got in the way. Later, it was revived as a project covering the films of 1985 while the Film Geek Central website covered films from the past as well as the present. We even added a member to the family, Jesse Hoheisel.

Now, Austin Kennedy is back. He has started up another show and his topic is an unlikely one. Kennedy is looking at every major film to receive an American release in 1973. Now before you tune out that idea, how about you look at just what was coming out in 1973. You had box office smashes like THE STING and THE EXORCIST. You had family classics like ROBIN HOOD and CHARLOTTE’S WEB. You had critically acclaimed films from the dramatic MEAN STREETS and THE LAST DETAIL to the westerns like PAT GARRETT AND BILLY THE KID and HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER to action thrillers like SERPICO and MAGNUM FORCE to mysteries like SISTERS and THE LONG GOODBYE. And then there were exploitation films – everything from horror to sex comedies to blaxploitation classics featuring Pam Grier, Jim Brown and Richard Roundtree. And even this only scratches the surface.

Kennedy has been doing the show for a few weeks now. The premiere episode is a Film Geek Central reunion as I help go through some of the movies along with Jesse Hoheisel. Each week after that, Kennedy has had a new guest, each with a different personality and approach to the material that keeps things fresh.

Here are the episodes so far and after that, you can catch the new eps at Film Geek Central and subscribe to the show on iTunes. So, check it out already! 

WEEK 1 (Guest hosts Scott W. Davis (that’s me!) and Jesse Hoheisel)

WEEK 2 (Guest host: Hayden Hyma)

WEEK 3 (Guest host: Katie Carlson)

WEEK 4 (Guest host: Corey Adam)

WEEK 5 (Guest host: Cat Manachak)

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