When Bad Puppets Turn Good: Astro Radio Z Looks at PUPPET MASTER 4-6

It’s that time of year again. Every year, Derrick Carey and the crew of Astro Radio Z do a multi-episode look at an exploitation film franchise. In 2014, we looked at WITCHCRAFT, the longest running series most people haven’t heard of. In 2015, it was Rick Sloane’s VICE ACADEMY series. And last year, we let the fur fly with the HOWLING franchise. Now in 2017, we’re diving into the archives of Charles Band, Full Moon Entertainment and their flagship series, PUPPET MASTER!

We’ve already covered PUPPET MASTER 1-3 in the first installment. Now, check out what happens when we look at the next three entries in the long-running series. PUPPET MASTER 4 and 5 were shot simultaneously by director Jeff Burr, and involve the puppets defending the world from the evil Sutek and his totems of evil. Then, we look at David DeCoteau’s odd and controversial entry, CURSE OF THE PUPPET MASTER.

I am joined by Angelique Bone, Glenn Buettner, Daniel Edenfield, Mark “the Movieman” Krawczyk, Seth Poulin and of course, host Derrick Carey.

You can enjoy both the MP3 and YouTube versions of this episode. Stay tuned because ARZ will be looking at every PUPPET MASTER flick and be sure to check out back episodes of Astro Radio Z



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