Review – AMERICAN MARY (2013)

People are always looking for the next thing. As the elder Masters of Horror have already advanced to legendary status (and yet still can’t seem to get their films in production), the focus recently shifted to the next generation. To this end, Herner Klenthur of the website solicited suggestions on Facebook, asking what should make up a list of the new Masters of Horror. The writer took suggestions and published the results. The list was a mix of established named (Eli Roth, Rob Zombie), rising stars (Ti West, Adam Green, Pascal Laugier) and some controversial choices (Steven Miller). But no controversy was as … Continue reading Review – AMERICAN MARY (2013)

What Marvel Does Right (And Why No One Else Is Doing It)

While writing about big budget blockbusters might seem antithetical to the Adventure Without Shame credo, it really isn’t. Lack of creativity or imagination is what often leads to moviocrity. This article gives a brief history lesson and highlights the importance of keeping the creative minds in control. There is a debate going on, arguing about whether superheroes on film are here to stay or whether they are a fad that will soon burn itself out. In order to answer this question, it is important to look at the current state of superhero cinema. How did it get here and why … Continue reading What Marvel Does Right (And Why No One Else Is Doing It)