Episode 6 of MOVIOCRITY is here and man, is it ever a wacky one.

The focus on this episode is the 1982 haunted house flick, SUPERSTITION (a.k.a. THE WITCH). In this film, an evil witch is killed by an angry mob, but not before cursing the family lines of everyone present. Years later, a house is built on the lake where she was put to death. Everyone stepping foot on the property soon meets a gristly end. Pretty standard stuff, right? But as you will see in this episode, SUPERSTITION really pushes things a step farther. It’s full of silly dialogue, gory set-pieces and huge leaps in logic. It’s what separates this film from the pack and gives it the Adventure Without Shame Seal of Approval.

This episode also covers a bit of controversy with the film, as it was often lumped in with the Video Nasties back in the 1980s. Longtime Film Geek Central fans may remember when we covered this film on an episode of our 1985 podcast.

This is a new take on SUPERSTITION, so check out the latest episode of MOVIOCRITY and don’t forget to check out all the other episodes in this ongoing web series. And remember…. ADVENTURE WITHOUT SHAME!!!



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