TOMORROWLAND and the Struggle Between Hope and Defeat

TOMORROWLAND (2015). Director: Brad Bird. Cinematographer: Claudio Miranda.
TOMORROWLAND (2015). Director: Brad Bird. Cinematographer: Claudio Miranda.

Some films you want to write about and some films you want to talk about. TOMORROWLAND was definitely a film I wanted to talk about. It’s a big-budget summer film where the emphasis isn’t on the expensive special effects but the message contained in the film’s narrative.

I gathered a number of talented people and asked them to share their opinions of the film. We go into the film, and even talk about the public’s reluctance to embrace it. But most of all, the focus shifts to TOMORROWLAND’s important themes – the battle between cynicism and optimism, the struggle between hope and defeat. And what we discover is that no matter how ugly and close-minded some of the things you read online may be, it’s a pretty spectacular world out there.

I am joined on this podcast by Tony Estrada, Mark “the Movieman” Krawczyk, Cole Meredith, Paul Salzer and the lovely Andrew Shearer. Even though we are talking about a family film, there is a bit of language, so this podcast is for mature audiences. Also keep in mind that this podcast features tons of SPOILERS. In other words, if you haven’t seen TOMORROWLAND, don’t listen to this podcast until you do. Then, come back and check out what we have to say.

And now, enjoy this trip into TOMORROWLAND….

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