The First Episode of MOVIOCRITY Is Here!!!

At last, after months of teasing, I can share this with you. It’s a new web series that celebrates everyone who champions a sense of joy in filmmaking and calls out those who regurgitate the same tired formula. It’s an exciting new project and its name is MOVIOCRITY.

On this show, we will be spotlighting many of the films and filmmakers of cult and exploitation cinema, the ones who are not content to look like everyone else. The ones who know that you need to stand out and sometimes stand apart from the herd in order to really accomplish something.

And what inspired this? It’s quite simple. I was first introduced to the world of film at a very young age. And unlike others in my family, I really took to it. I saw the fun, the magic and the wonder contained within the medium. My love for cinema has only grown ever since.

Therefore, it is with no small amount of disgust that I see films being churned out like they came from a factory. And I’m not talking the cheap knock-offs. I’m talking about the films that spend the most, get the most advertising, get the most lavish treatment from the press and from distributors. These are the same films that are so middle of the road, it seems like they would never think of taking risks. The posters look the same. The trailers look the same. The casts look the same. And the films themselves look the same.

Such is the disease that is Moviocrity and this is exactly the type of safe, generic tedium  that we will fight against.

In these trying times, I often look to the films which embody a certain niche within the film world. They aren’t necessarily of the arthouse variety, although there is often quite a bit to recommend those as well. No, the films I will spotlight on this show are not as prestigious and perhaps even the filmmakers themselves didn’t know how special they were. Call them what you will – cult cinema, exploitation films or psychotronica. These are the films that ignite a rediscovery of the pure enjoyment of going to the movies. Sometimes they’re pure entertainment value and sometimes they offer something a little more. But they all have that one little element in common, something that can’t really be boiled down to the business model the big studios often work from. It’s a spark that can only be found amongst those who enjoy the very essence of the movies.

This first episode of Moviocrity announces our manifesto to the world, as we celebrate the greatest is cult and exploitation cinema. On this show, we will be striking back at those content to play it safe and recycle the same tired Hollywood formulas over and over again. We will champion those pioneers who stand out amongst the giants. People like Roger Corman, Jess Franco, Andy Milligan, Lloyd Kauffman, Charles Band and Fred Olen Ray just to name a few. This pilot episode introduces the philosophy behind Moviocrity, as well as that of our motto –


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