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Halloween is over and things have been pretty quiet around Moviocrity ever since. There are a few reasons for that. An unexpected health scare disrupted things last week and even though things have worked out, I’m still trying to get my bearings straight. By the end of the week, Halloween festivities were also in full swing and the site didn’t get the attention it needed.

Fortunately, I’m back with a couple of major announcements regarding the future of

First up is that yes, the 31 Days of Horror has ended. In all, I managed to take in around forty horror films during the month of October. I have already written about some of them, I have yet to discuss others and there are just a select few that might get lost in the shuffle. I watched as October passed us by and yet, I still had so much I wanted to watch. And though I was still fully in the zone of “all horror, all the time,” there’s so much out there beyond by favorite genre. So, no I’m not forgetting my roots – but expanding it to all films that embrace the Adventure Without Shame mantra and that is not limited to horror.

Half. Maybe half horror. Fifty-fifty.

Some filmmakers have asked me to take a look at their projects, both shorts and feature films. I welcome this input and I hope to feature them on this site very shortly. I’ve also been in contact with several people about possible upcoming projects to be spotlighted on this site and others. All of which you’ll be able to access on our main page. And after the first of the year, there’s a very ambitious project that is starting to take shape.

Okay, sixty percent horror. Seventy tops.

I can’t announce too much right now, except to say that for those you who followed me on Film Geek Central will notice the immediate return of a familiar feature. Over a one-year period, I wrote around ninety pieces in a featured column called, “Scott’s Film Geek Journal.” Basically, it kept track of everything I watched that wasn’t new and collected them in capsule format.

Well, the Journal is about to make a return, with one major change. Here at Moviocrity, I’m less inclined to review whatever is hot and trending and more inclined to review things that could best be described as “anything I damn well feel like.” So, this time the Journal will cover those films I want to talk about, but maybe not so much that I want to dedicate one of my long-winded reviews to each of them. Also, the fact is that I watch so many films that by the time I write on one of them, I’ve typically seen five more. So, the Journal is great for giving as many as possible their day in court, if warranted.

This is all a long and roundabout way (par for the course on this site) of saying that there is a lot more Moviocrity to come, even after the costumes are put away and we have recovered from our November 1st hangovers. I thank you for being with me for the first month of the revamped Moviocrity and hope you’ll stick around and we continue to tear it up for many more months to come.

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