Horror People Are In Your Neighborhood…. And That’s a Good Thing

I am reblogging this in rebuttal to an offensive and inaccurate article Alice Robb wrote for the New Republic. The article, titled “What It Says About You If You Enjoy Horror Movies,” cited inaccurate, biased and outdated research in a bid to reinforce the most negative stereotypes in reference to horror fans. When I originally published this back in October, it was a response to such stereotyping costing two people their jobs. Such injustices will occur with greater frequency unless prejudicial articles such as Robb’s are not refuted.


moongoyle-entertainmentPromo image for Moongoyle Films.

It’s the kind of story that artists and film critics hate reading. A principal and a guidance school counselor have been suspended for their alleged role in making independent horror films. It brings up a lot of questions. Naturally, there are concerned parents who worry about the example being set for children. But also there is a very valid argument that the ones setting a bad example are not the filmmakers, but the people who are prosecuting them.

Dr. Mark Foley was suspended and Aaron Vnuk placed on administrative leave once administrators learned of films the two made under the banner Moongoyle Films. Some of the horror titles credited to the two include THE UNCODED, MIND MORGUE, THE LIMB COLLECTOR and THE DEMON OF CASTLEBURY. For the record, I am not familiar with these films, which may very well be quite explicit. But I do…

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