MOVIOCRITY Rings In Season 3 By Snuggling Up to MY BLOODY VALENTINE!

mybloodyvalentine_pickaxeGood news, everyone! Your day just got a little bit brighter because SEASON THREE IS HERE!

Remember that MOVIOCRITY started as a web series, long before it was expanded into this website, and a web series it will always be. It’s the show in which I get to describe my love for cult and exploitation cinema and lay out all the things that make these films some of the best films life has to offer.

This first episode of the third season goes out to all those lovebirds out there, as I spotlight the 1981 horror classic MY BLOODY VALENTINE. In this episode, I talk about everything that makes this film just a little bit different than its contemporaries, including its unique blue collar backdrop.

So, check out the newest episode below. And if you’ve missed out on the other episodes, you can catch them all on MOVIOCRITY’s own Vimeo channel. Yes, you can catch most of the videos¬†on YouTube as well, but Vimeo is still the only place to watch every single episode.¬†

But for now, let’s just focus on the first episode in what’s sure to be a great season. I hope you enjoy this look at MY BLOODY VALENTINE!


MOVIOCRITY Ep. 301: My Bloody Valentine from Moviocrity on Vimeo.

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