“Wanna Date?” – FRANKENHOOKER Turns 25! Plus, An Interview with Patty Mullen!


Has it really been 25 years since Times Square was invaded by a gal with purple hair and a shocking personality? 25 years since Frank Henenlotter brought his satire of drugs, prostitution and mad scientists to the screen? 25 years since we grabbed that special box from the video store shelves, pressed down on the cover and hear the immortal words, “Wanna date?”

I’m talking about FRANKENHOOKER, a film which after a quarter century still manages to be a unique entry in the world of cinema. In part two of their episode (part 1 discussed Clive Barker’s NIGHTBREED), the Spoiler Room looks at this twisted comedy from the man who brought you BASKET CASE and BRAIN DAMAGE.

Mark Krawczyk hosts a panel that includes Cole Meredith, Dawn S., Andrew Shearer, Paul Salzer and myself as we reminisce about this weird and wacky cult classic. And then, as an added treat, Krawczyk sits down for an interview with Frankenhooker herself, the talented actress Patty Mullen!

So, if you’re over 18 and have all your bolts in place, sit back and enjoy this celebration of the first 25 years of FRANKENHOOKER!



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