“Can’t We Get Beyond Thunderdome?” – The Spoiler Room Takes an Epic Look At the Original MAD MAX Trilogy

Mad-Max-2-The-Road-WarriorIt all started with some cars and a bleak look at the future.

As MAD MAX: FURY ROAD roars onto cinema screens, it’s likely that many audience members are discovering this anti-hero for the first time. For the rest of us however, Max has been a part of our upbringing.

In this three-part podcast, the Spoiler Room takes a look at each of the previous films in the series: MAD MAX, THE ROAD WARRIOR (a.k.a. MAD MAX 2) and MAD MAX: BEYOND THUNDERDOME. I am joined by Glenn Buettner, Cole Meredith and our host, Mark “the Movieman” Krawczyk.

It’s not for the kids, is riddled with spoilers and people with a heart condition need not apply. But if you’re ready to ride the white line nightmare with the rest of us, enjoy this newest episode of The Spoiler Room!

Part 1: MAD MAX (1979)
Part 2: THE ROAD WARRIOR (a.k.a. MAD MAX 2) (1981)

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