The Spoiler Room Revs Up and Peels Out with TURBO KID


Yes, I am still on quite a few podcasts and bless them for having me. The panels are always entertaining and the conversation fresh.

Recently, I sat down with some guys from The Spoiler Room to discuss the 2015 retro sci-fi flick, TURBO KID. It’s hard to put this one into words (and I should know since I’ve been trying to another article), but suffice to say it’s the type of ultraviolent, post-apocalyptic film with a heart that you wish they made thirty years ago.

If you’re going to listen (and you most certainly should), keep in mind the show is called the Spoiler Room. That means there are MAJOR SPOILERS throughout. So please, watch the film first and listen to the show afterwards.

I am joined by Glenn Buettner, Dawn S. (a.k.a. Mojodawn), Paul Salzer and of course host Mark “the Movie Man” Krawczyk.



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