Things have been pretty quiet around this site for a while. Sorry about that. But what I’m about to describe is what we’re about, what you can expect to see here and why if you haven’t bookmarked the site before, now might be a good time.

My name is Scott W. Davis. I’m a longtime film critic who has written or spoken on behalf of a great number of websites, podcasts and publications. I used to be the editor of Horror Express, which is still in existence despite my association with the site having ended. They continue to do good work. I also wrote for CultCuts. Most of you probably know me from my association with Film Geek Central. That started as a podcast I did with my partner in crime, Austin Kennedy. Over time, we added a third person, Jesse Hoheisel, and built an entire website around it. The podcast went on indefinite hiatus a while back and the future of the site is not dead, but currently in a state of limbo. My association, and more importantly my friendship with Kennedy and Hoheisel, continues.

About a year and a half ago, I finally started my pet project, Moviocrity. If you’re here, you hopefully already know what that’s all about. It’s a show I do that is published on Vimeo and YouTube, focusing on my one true love in life – the exploitation film. When you are a lifelong film geek, you can grow tired of seeing the same tired product coming out of the major studios, over and over again. It can be especially frustrating when you see independent productions falling into the same traps, aping their big budget neighbors rather than taking the premise and offering that extra spark that would set them apart from the crowd. Moviocrity is a show that is all about that spark. It’s a celebration of exploitation cinema and hopefully sums up my frustrations and why I believe so many of these indie filmmakers are worthy of praise. The show continues. I put it up on both Vimeo and YouTube, though truthfully, I have found Vimeo to be the far more beneficial outlet.

You may have noticed that on this site, the updates about Moviocrity and pretty much everything else ceased last year. That’s my fault. To be completely honest, I wasn’t entirely sure what the purpose of this site should be. Only that I should have it, that there should be a place to dump all this stuff. But most often, I would send direct links to the Moviocrity eps from Vimeo and YouTube when posting about them on Facebook and Twitter. For anything I wrote, that would often be about a major production and would go on Film Geek Central. Moviocrity.com was left to fend for itself. I was a bad parent.

Since then however, daddy has been busy. Moviocrity has indeed continued since last year – 19 episodes strong as of this writing. I have also started a side project – a podcast called Cinemobsession. The idea behind Cinemobsession is that movies aren’t just a pastime, but a crucial component that tends to echo what is going on in my life. This podcast reviews films based on that autobiographical approach. Sometimes, it’s serious. Often, it isn’t.

Speaking of which, I was fortunate to fall in with a group of talented podcasters a year ago. Derrick Carey is a talented filmmaker who has edited such great docs as SCREAMING IN HIGH HEELS and SLEEPLESS NIGHTS. He’s also produced films such as SWAMPHEAD and the new anthology HOLE IN THE WALL. He also directed a few segments for that film. In a fit of generosity, he invited me on his shows Astro Radio Z and Film Jerks. Carey might be a little touched in the head because for some reason, he continues to have me back. I have been fortunate enough to serve on panels with such talented critics and filmmakers as Glenn Randall Buettner, William Holt, Kate Owens, Andrew Shearer, Scarlet Strychnine and Jason Zuleger just to name a few. Another panelist and sometime host, Mark “the Movie Man” Krawczyk, has also had me on his show, the Spoiler Room, a number of times. I always have a great time on the shows and they are entertaining listens. Although every time I’m welcomed back with open arms, I am a bit surprised.

The reason I bring all of these things up is that you can expect to see all these things at the newly revamped Moviocrity.com. The domain will go back into effect over the next few days and there may be some changes in design as I tinker around with stuff. But you will be able to get it all here – Moviocrity, Cinemobsession, all the podcasts I’m on, stuff you should be checking out and most notably writing. Yes, I was writing before any of this other stuff started happening and with this post, it all starts again. You can expect to see new reviews of various shapes and sizes and even the reviews for the films I watch as part of the 31 Days of Horror Challenge. Which means that you can expect to see new material here almost every day for the near future. And I have other projects in the works that include both myself and some other familiar Film Geeks.

So, thanks for being patient and I hope you’ll continue to come back. Because I’ll be here. Wow. After a year of uncertainty, it feels good to write that.

I’ll be here.

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