5 Amazing Film Discoveries – 2014 Edition

valerie-and-her-week-of-wonders_01Last year, back when I will still co-editor of Film Geek Central, I was approached to write an article for TV Store Online. The topic would be great films that I discovered during that year. They weren’t the best films of that year, just films that for one reason or another, I had overlooked until that time. I submitted my article, it was published and I was honored to be part of the process.

Despite either my inability or unwillingness to follow the rules the first time out, they approached me a while back to write a follow-up. So, with great pleasure I present Five Amazing Film Discoveries from 2014. Some of them are popular films, some of them are obscure cult items, some of them are honest-to-goodness cheese. But all of them effected me in that special way only certain films can.

Once again, I would like to thank Justin Bozung and everyone at TV Store Online for letting me share these with you. And now, right at this link, FIVE AMAZING FILM DISCOVERIES – THE 2014 EDITION.

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