Naughty and Nice – New Movicrity Episode Looks At SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT


Happy Holidays, pod people! I’ll bet you almost forgot that Moviocrity isn’t just a website, it’s a web series. This marks the first episode I’ve done in a few months and it felt great to get back on that sleigh.

Moviocrity closes out its second season with a look at one of the most extreme and controversial Christmas films ever, SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT. The film takes a detailed approach in showing how a life of trauma and abuse turn young Billy into a psychopath who slaughters people while wearing a Santa suit.

This episode covers everything from the plot, the heavy doses of exploitation and the controversy, fallout and lasting legacy that resulted. So, after the kids have watched their Elf and Rudolph, send them to bed and enjoy a holiday full of good old-fashioned sex, violence and conservative overreaction. Don’t forget to check out all the other episodes over at our Vimeo channel. And look for more in season 3!

NOTE: This episode is TNFW (Too Naughty for Work). It contains violence and nudity, and should be viewed only by those over 18.

MOVIOCRITY Ep. 210: Silent Night, Deadly Night from Moviocrity on Vimeo.

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