CINEMOBSESSION Returns with a Look At Trailers in the Social Media Age


Pretty logo, huh?

CINEMOBSESSION was a series of solo podcasts I did last year. It was a time where I was feeling more attuned to speaking my thoughts than writing them down. Hence, I created a small little podcast in which I would ad lib my film reviews, often relating them to various things that were going on in my life. You may have noticed that I still do that in my written reviews. My outlook is that when you are as obsessed with cinema as I am, film and life complement one another so they are intrinsically linked.

I thought I had left the podcast behind after I started to get the writing bug again and when a couple never published episodes were heavier on personal issues than anything of real relevance. But then I got to thinking, what if I could use the show for something else?

This is the first episode in eight months and it’s a big change of pace. For this episode, I have brought along a guest – Mark “the Movieman” Krawczyk (The Spoiler Room, Film Jerks, We Live Film). The focus of this episode is film trailers. Specifically, it was inspired by the trailer for STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS which was followed by the teaser to BATMAN V. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE just a few hours later. That started a deluge of trailers for big summer films. There’s a big difference in the way trailers are released these days and an even bigger difference in the way the public digests them.

This is some of what Mark and I touch upon in this episode. And yes, there are plenty of tangents because you can’t get two film geeks together without us getting off-topic.

Will this be the first of many future episodes or the last ever? I honestly don’t know. But sit back and enjoy this special episode of CINEMOBSESSION!

CINEMOBSESSION 08 – The Hard Sell: Exploring the Culture of Film Trailers

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