Not for the Weak! Astro Radio Z Tackles All Six VICE ACADEMY Movies!


Last year, I linked to an episode of Astro Radio Z where I was part of a panel that talked about the first two VICE ACADEMY films. And then I stopped posting links to a lot of the podcasts I was on because of Weirdness and Mental Blocks. That was my bad.

But we did finish talking about the entire series. That was three separate shows covering all six movies.

The VICE ACADEMY series was one of the franchises inspired by POLICE ACADEMY. Only this one followed a pair of B-movie actresses as they kept trying to save the world from various villains. Basically, they were sexy versions of Saturday morning cartoons and the humor was about on par with that description. The series featured such exploitation and adult film icons as Linnea Quigley, Ginger Lynn, Jay Richardson, Elizabeth Kaitan, Julia Parton, Jayne Hamil, Karen Russell, Scott Layne and more. Oh, and did I mention all six films are directed by Rick Sloane of HOBGOBLINS fame?

If you have the guts, Derrick Carey of Astro Radio Z has assembled a megacut of all three shows, totaling nearly six hours. Or you could listen to each show bit by bit.

Carey hosts the panel which includes Glenn Buettner, Brian Kirst, Mark “the Movie Man” Krawczyk, Kate Owens, Paul Salzar, Andrew Shearer and myself. And I’ll warn you, I am one of the only people left defending these movies.





Or, if you feel you want to split things up a bit, here’s the links to each show.

Show 1 (ARZ Episode 27) – VICE ACADEMY 1-2

Show 2 (ARZ Episode 33) – VICE ACADEMY 3-4

Show 3 (ARZ Episode 36) – VICE ACADEMY 5-6



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