Are They Trying to Cast People for a JAWS Reboot?



This story was over at Dread Central as well as a number of other sites. It suggests that a recent casting notice suggests that Universal or some other entity is at least considering a reboot of JAWS. The story says the following:


In what’s likely to be the most frightening news of the day, the popularity of shark-themed movies may have spurred Universal into revisiting one of the greatest fish tales of all time… Jaws. Read on for details.

The rumors have been swirling around for a while, but this latest bit may just have confirmed our fears. A casting call has gone out on Mandy seeking: “All Positions for Jaws Reboot.”

The post goes on…

We are seeking all crew positions for the upcoming Jaws reboot. We will need to build sets quite early; therefore, we will be hiring partially prior to the official pre-production. Please submit all job queries via in the US Film Crew Section. Please leave a message there directly with the studio PM (production manager).”

Now, we don’t know how legit this is as of yet, but you gotta admit… the notion alone is pretty fucking frightening. Stay tuned.


Yes, yes it is. Thanks to DC and the other sites that reported this.




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