Everybody Has Something to Say About DEADPOOL

Hey, I said I would try to be timelier, I never said I would be timely.

DEADPOOL has been out for a couple weeks and continues to ride the top of the box office charts. And now, I present not one but two looks at this smash hit.

First up, my YouTube series Reaction Shots takes about five minutes to look at this film.

Check out the episode and if you like it, be sure to subscribe to the Moviocrity YouTube Channel for more episodes of this and future shows.


And then, if that doesn’t quite satiate your appetite, be sure to listen to our spoiler-y episode of The Spoiler Room (hence the name) where I discuss the film alongside Glenn Buettner, Dawn “Mojodawn” S., Paul Salzer and host Mark “the Movieman” Krawczyk.

And you can check out more of Mark’s stuff at Special Mark Productions.

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